Bryce Davies

Peaceful Progress, Cardiff

Bryce Davies is a Graffiti Artist and Tattoo artist based in Cardiff, Wales. With over 20 years in the Graffiti game as a well established and renowned Graffiti and Street Artist, Bryce started tattooing 10 years as part of his natural progression as an artist. Working out of a private, appointment-only studio in Cardiff, Bryce specialises in Graffiti-influenced "Tag" style tattoos and Dotwork. Most of Bryce's Flash work is all designed with spray-paint, on a wall, and the paintings are then used as reference for the tattoo work. No iPad brushes here! This is a completely fresh style that is unique to Bryce, and fuses his two art disciplines together. A regular at tattoo conventions around the world, please get in touch for appointments early.

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