Tattoo Awards

The Cardiff International Tattoo Awards 2019

Registration will be open from 10am until 2:30pm

 Judging will start at 3:30pm

Best Of Day & Best Of Show have to be completed by 6:30pm

Awards presentation is at 7:00pm

Fresh or healed pieces can be entered into ANY category except “Best Of Day” or “Overall Best Of Show”, which are for fresh pieces only.


  • Best Large Colour

  • Best Small Colour (under A4)

  • Best Portrait

  • Best Traditional

  • Best Of Day


  • Best Large Black and Grey

  • Best Small Black and Grey (under A4)

  • Best New School

  • Best Blackwork (Celtic, Tribal, Dot Work, Maori etc)

  • Best Aquatic Tattoo

  • Best Of Day

  • Overall Best of Show