Xavier “El Pinche Loco”

East Side Tattoo London, London

Mexican tattoo artist residing in London, tattooing in studios all around London and Mexico, I am
currently working at Prick Tattoo in Shoreditch for the last year. I get influenced by the colours of the city
of Oaxaca and the Narco-Cartel iconography from the Northern part of Mexico. Like working with bold
lines and add fine line details and limit my colour palette.
I’ve been part of:
Ti Tattoo convention 2016 Lugano, Switzerland
Brighton Tattoo Convention 2016
Expo Tatuaje Monterrey 2014 Monterrey, Mexico
I have artwork published in the Psychedelic Blasphemy Book published by Howl Books. My work also
appeared in the Tattoo Artists Yearbook UK and Ireland 2016 by Tattoo life.