Lala Inky

Ebony Squid Studio, Penarth, South Wales

Lala is a custom tattooer and lifelong illustrator, with over 10 experience as a professional tattoo artist. She works by appointment only at her private studio in the seaside town of Penarth, South Wales and guests at a select number of studios around the UK. Ebony Squid Studio is a relaxed, LGBTQIA+ safe space: promoting body positivity, anti-racism, mental wellness and self care. Lala is 4 years sober and has lived experience with autism and chronic illness, raising awareness for these and other disabilities.Lala enjoys tattooing in full colour, but also in fineline/black’n’grey/blackwork/dotwork. She loves natural elements like botanical/flora/fauna; along with anime, movie, sci-fi, fairytale, gothic and pop culture themes. She also loves to work freehand, and creating bespoke pieces that flow with the shape of each client.Lala is also a writer, and has a personal blog: Confessions of an Auteetotal Tattooer.

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