Andy Groves

Lantern Project, Lamphey, Pembroke

Tattoo Artist and owner of Lantern Project Tattoo collective in West Wales on the Pembrokeshire coast. I have been Tattooing around 17yrs but for a while I felt lost with the industry I just wanted to be by the ocean and surf. My journey led me further away from the towns, city's and conventions to collaborate in a small village by the coast with some awesome artists holding no ego above each other and sharing our knowledge. The last few years I have reinvested in myself and feel I have learnt all over again. I like to make my designs with subjects of Nature. Blending realism, watercolour and elements of abstract. I look forward to what the future of Tattooing will bring. There are so many incredible artists in the industry I am looking forward to meeting many more ✌️

Bones Jones
Dan James