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Welcome to the Cardiff International Tattoo Convention 2017

Starting out four years ago as the first of its kind in the UK, the Cardiff Tattoo and Toy Convention quickly grew out of our first venue and into the Motorpoint Arena – Wales’ largest exhibition venue.

The show now not only features some of the best tattoo artists from every corner of the UK and the rest of the world, but also a whole host of entertainment. Plus retailers offering everything from toys, collectables, clothing, jewellery and taxidermy to custom foods and culture and even tarot reading!

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So much more than just Tattoos…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes there will still be lot’s of toys! There will just be so much more than just tattoo’s & toys that we felt that keeping toys so prominent in our name could be misleading and detract from all the other cool stuff we have to offer!

We wanted to focus on the fact that we are attracting an audience of artists from all over the world so we wanted our name to reflect that.

This really depends on a number of different factors. If you have a specific design in mind, you need to select an artist who offers that type of work.

If you have an artist in mind but haven’t developed a design, then you need to contact them in advance so that you have time to discuss what you want and for them to create a design for you.

Artists charge for their time, so be prepared that this design time will be part of their fee. Each artists should be able to give you an idea of their hourly rate and how much your total cost is likely to be when you first start chatting with them.

For the more spontaneous amongst you, there will be artists offering “walk-ups” and will have pre-prepared designs at fixed rates.

Yes! That’s a big part of a tattoo convention. A majority of people will book their work in advance but many will also opt to go to an artist taking “walk-ups” without booking in advance.
Yes, we will have a body piercing artist at the show offering a range of piercing and minor body modifications. These can be booked in the main arena but will be performed in a separate private room.
Yes, please do! We are, and always have been, a family show. We will have activities and merchandise suitable for young and old & cater for family needs with refreshments, soft-play areas and even face-painting.
Yes, your tattoo booking and the fee that you pay is for the work done by your artist. Everyone pays for entrance to the show.

Some artists will purchase a ticket for you and build this cost into the fee you pay them, but most will expect you to take care of this yourself.

If you have a tattoo booked, buy your ticket in advance to ensure you get in quickly, and aren’t late for your appointment. This will save you unnecessary stress between yourself & your artist.